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Programa Científico

February 23, 2018

Venue: Aula Magna (3rd floor)

15:00 h.


15:30 h.

Opening Symposia

A. Carrascosa , A. Prats

16:00 h.

The way from diagnostic ultrasonography to sonosurgery

R. Balius

16:15 h.

Sonosurgery: indications and base conditions to practice

J. Ardèvol

16:30 h.

Ultrasound and Doppler-guided arthroscopic shaving procedure

H. Alfredson / L. Masci

17:00 h.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome US Assisted

J. De la Fuente

17:15 h.

Upper extremity US Assisted endoscopic neurolysis

J. Palau

17:45 h.


18:15 h.

US assisted Endoscopic Achilles Tendon Scrapping

H. Alfredson

18:45 h.

Anterior Exertional Compartment Syndrome US assisted aponeurotomy

R. Balius

19:00 h.

Fascia Plantaris US assisted fasciotomy

G. Álvarez

19:15 h.

US assisted Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis release

J. Ardèvol

19:30 h.

US assisted percutaneous Achilles repair

L. Til, R. Olivé

19:45 h.

US assisted peripheral nerve blocks

X. Sala

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