Updated: Web: 26/05/2019


SETRADE is honoured to promote the 2nd International Sonosurgery Symposium & Cadaver Lab, which will take place in Barcelona on 15th and 16th February 2019.
A number of surgical procedures on the musculoskeletal system assisted by ultrasound, and, in some of them, as support to arthroscopic techniques, will be on display for the fi rst time. By means of that, we refl ect the work
carried out by distinguished trendsetters such as Hakan Alfredson, who will also take part in this Symposium  along with some professionals who have developed it in Spain.
We are opening doors to a new surgical concept where ultrasound, endoscopy and surgery get together to strive for excellence in the treatment of several pathologies of the upper and lower limbs. Patellar, achilles and epicondylar tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, aponeurotomy of Compartment Syndrome due to effort, tenotomy of medial gastrocnemius, radial median and n. neurolysis in wrist and forearm, all of them in two days.
The fi rst day will be devoted to showing procedures and the second day to applying the knowledge on anatomical pieces.
We look forward to sharing with the pupils our feeling of being opening the way to the future.

Dr. Jordi Ardèvol Cuesta
President of Setrade Scientifi c Committee

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